Crispy Parmesan Salad & Homemade Artisan Croutons

When I’m entertaining at home I sometimes like to pull out all the stops and create a truly wow presentation with dinner, and when the mood to impress strikes this crispy parmesan salad with homemade artisan croutons is a guaranteed winner.  The idea behind the salad is quite simple and while the main work in the salad is in the presentation, the reaction it receives makes all the prep work quite worthwhile.  Don’t be afraid of trying to make this salad, I was initially put off by the name  and then by how much work I perceived it to be, a classic case of judging a book by it’s cover. This is one recipe you definitely want to give a fair chance, you won’t regret it! (And think of all the wow points you’ll gain when you present this as the salad course of your next dinner party! Head over to Oh Bite It for the full recipe and cooking instructions.

Salad & Crouton Supplies!

Bake up the Cheese Bowl!

Mold the Bowl!

Crouton Seasoning

Rippin' the Croutons!

Fry'n them up!


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