Lasagna soup

We all know soup and pasta go together like milk and cookies…but have we ever really considered pairing some of the more traditional pasta recipes up into a soup form? I sure hadn’t until I saw this recipe for Lasagna soup.  Doesn’t it just sound intriging from the get go?  I was curious as to how this would work – but Kevin over at Closet Cooking sure figured this one out – and it’s so easy!  serve it with your traditional garlic bread type side and you’ve got a soup that’s filling and tasty on a chilly fall/winter/early spring day. I’m sure you could tweak this some to add your own twists quite easily – and I encourage you to try – more or less pasta, cheese, meat, or ‘soup’ to your own taste.

Lasagna Soup 500 3751

Lasagna Soup 500 0506

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