Krispy Easter Eggs

My brother’s favorite candy snack are Rice Krispy Treats, so when I saw this posted over on The Pioneer Woman’s website, I knew what I was going to make him for after Easter dinner!  This simple recipe for Krispy Easter Eggs takes the traditional Rice Krispy Treat recipe and instead of pressing it into a pan and letting it set, you use the plastic Easter eggs that you’d normally hide candy in for the kids to get the egg shape, then pretty it up some with some colorful sprinkles.  Voila, an instant Easter treat suitable for all kids, big and small.











Chocolate Chip Muffin Recipe

I have a soft spot for baked goods, especially muffins. Cookies are just too cliché and overdone, but muffins always hit the spot and are fun to make, like a fun mix between cookies and cakes. Over at Inspired Taste I found this quick mix recipe for Chocolate Chip Muffins that only takes about 30 minutes and tastes wonderful. The fact that this recipe uses chocolate chips makes it that much more dessert-like.  Spice up the recipe by adding some chopped nuts for additional flair, and you’ve got some quick and easy snacks.


ChocolateChipMuffinsRecipe1 ChocolateChipMuffinsRecipe2


3 musketeers fudge brownies

I like chocolate.  I adore chocolate.  I have an unhealthy obsession with chocolate.  Because of my obsession, this recipe for 3 Musketeers Fudge Brownies is something that I should never have found.  The folks over at Cookies and Cups just finished up Candy Bar week and lets just say, my wardrobe is not going to be happy with me by the time I’m done with all of these goodies. This recipe utilizes 3 wonderful things: brownies, 3 Musketeers, and fudge, all in one 9 x 9 pan.  It takes a little more work than normal brownies, but they’re definitely worth it!  Give ‘em a try!







Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

Who doesn’t love strawberry shortcake? Who doesn’t love cookies? Combine the two and it’s heaven in a recipe!  Cookies & Cups has this amazing recipe for Strawberry Shortcake Cookies that just looks divine and is absolutely simple.  A soft vanilla cookie, because we all know the soft cookies are the best, topped with a strawberry buttercream frosting, again because buttercream is the best, and then for an extra yummy addition and some flair – a fresh strawberry.  Tell me that your mouth isn’t watering already?  It’s springtime, and that means it’s time to start planning what you’re going to make and do with all the fresh fruits and veggies that are going to be coming into season.  This is definitely on my to try list when I get my strawberries.


Easter Bunny Cupcakes

I found a recipe from Taste Of Home that I knew I would be making this Easter. If you think that this recipe looks a little to difficult to prepare don’t be fooled. This cupcakes were not that difficult and they were fun to make. I make these right after I made the Robin’s Egg cupcakes and I my family really enjoyed these as well. The little ones really liked the look of these and the littlest one didn’t even want to eat it because she thought they were to cute. Let us know what you think of this recipe.