Soft Pretzels with Jalapeno Cheese Dip

Around here, there’s a pretzel place in some of the local malls that has these awesome soft pretzels, in all different flavors, and then also all these different dip flavors to pair with the pretzels.  They’re absolutely amazing, let me tell you.  I don’t indulge in them very often, primarily because I don’t make it out to that area very often, so I was super excited when I found this recipe for soft pretzels with jalapeno cheese dip over at Pip and Ebby’s.  It’s a little tedious making the pretzels, but after you get the hang of it, things get easier.  This is another one of those recipes that you can use one part of the recipe, the pretzels, and it’s universal, so you can replace the jalapeno cheese dip with other options as well.  Think of all the possibilities!