Red Pepper Hummus Recipe

I am far from a healthy eater and most of the time when I see a health food recipe or hear about the latest craze in healthy eating, I’m not impressed.  It was the same with hummus when it started making the rounds a few years ago as a new popular health food.  I took one look at the containers in the deli section of the supermarket and wasn’t inclined to try this pasty looking dip. During one of my dieting experiments I finally gave in and tried it, and what do you know – I was pleasantly surprised! The best thing about hummus is you can eat it so many different ways, it’s not a sweet dip, and it has so many healthy properties that there just isn’t a downside to it.  I personally love red pepper hummus, and think this recipe I found over on the Inspired Taste website is amazing.  What do you think?