Pizza Potato Skins

I love food, healthy and junk alike, so I feel no shame in posting this recipe for Pizza Potato Skins.  These are the ultimate bad appetizer when you go to almost any restaurant and I always hate to order them, but do anyway because of how much I love them.  I’ve never really found an at home recipe for them that measured up, until now.  I saw this one posted over on the Pioneer Woman’s site the other day and decided to give it a whirl.  These potato skins are everything they’re supposed to be and more! I always love a recipe with flexibility and where the author gives ideas for variations to make it versatile, and Ree definitely did that with this, explaining how to make the potato skins themselves and then throwing out some topping options, classic potato skin toppings, and just opening the door to so much more when it comes to the skins!